Personal Training

Do you want to be the best version of yourself? We support you in a 1 to 1 setting to optimize your training, nutrition and lifestyle choices.

If you follow our advice, we promise you to:

  • improve your body composition
  • feel healthier and more energized
  • sleep better


Are you interested in beginning your fitness journey with one-on-one training? If so, take a look at our available packages for more information:

Personal training 60 min
starting from
CHF 170 per session


Personal training 45 min
starting from
CHF 128 per session


Are you motivated and want to train more with better pricing conditions? then please check out our monthly memberships:

Monthly Memberships – 45 Minute Sessions
CHF 1’260
12 sessions per month
CHF 105 / session


CHF 896
8 sessions per month
CHF 112 / session
Monthly Memberships – 60 Minute Sessions
(recommended for body transformations)
CHF 1’680
12 sessions per month
CHF 140 / session
CHF 1’200
8 sessions per month
CHF 150 / session

Please contact us for more details and pricing options.

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