We offer 2 kinds of therapy. One is fascial stretch therapy and the other is osteopressure.

Fascial Stretch Therapy 

is a unique system of assisted stretching that targets fascia and joints. Certified therapists use movement through a series of stretches to unlock tension in the deepest layers of tissues. The aim is to unravel restrictions in the fascia, relax the hold the nervous system has on the tissue, and open up the joint space by stretching the fascia throughout the body.


It is a method developed by Liebscher & Bracht for reducing excessive tension in muscle and connective tissue. In this process, receptors in the periosteum (the membrane surrounding bones) are influenced through targeted physical pressure applied directly at the muscle attachments (i.e., at the bone/osteo).

Therapy 60 min
starting from
CHF 170 per session


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